Brand Influenced has conducted many marketing studies, case studies and tests online, and in many local areas in the United States. We are very detailed and thorough with our marketing efforts, after a meeting or call with us, you will better understand our planning and organizational allows us to be quite successful.

Being a customer or consumer-centric business we market to your businesses customers or clients. We don’t do generic mass marketing that is a waste of resources. We don’t worry about the reach of the marketing efforts, we emphasize our marketing efforts in a way that convert the target market into buyers, customers, or clients! We use a blend of old-school traditional marketing methods and modern day digital marketing methodology to get our clients marketing set-up to deliver results!

We have done it all in regards to helping businesses get clients or customers. We have done search engine optimization, different advertising and marketing strategies (search engine, social media, email, sms, push ads, push notifications, flyers, billboards, television, press releases, radio, video, bio links, wordpress site design and management, social media management, signs, newspapers, magazines, and more…) We have helped businesses with funnel building, ppc marketing, media ad buying, influencer marketing, content marketing, brand identity design, authority building, trust building, promotions, coupons, sweepstakes, giveaways, and local marketing strategies. We are extremely diverse with our skills and booking a free consultation may be great for you if interested in hiring us to help you with your business.

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