Brand Influenced was founded by Jack Smith’s company Gaining Greatness. Brand Influenced is a marketing agency that helps medium businesses or large businesses by being able to find options for marketing the company based off the clients or customers of the business. The marketing we do helps to implement effective marketing techniques that assist businesses with their goals or overall mission. We are a consumer-centric business, we use marketing, advertising, storytelling geared towards consumers based on consumer feedback we have acquired over time rather than just trying to guess what works or what consumers want. Businesses need targeted traffic that converts into sales, clients, customers, revenue, and profit. Businesses don’t need broad marketing that allows them a massive reach without positive results!

The need for Brand Influenced was derived by the fact that Jack Smith’s company Gaining Greatness received multiple messages for marketing services, business consulting services, and other various requests. As such knowing their was more needs Jack chose to create Brand Influenced to continue to help more people find solutions or improvements that could be implemented that make a difference with the marketing efforts for their businesses. Brand Influenced has phenomenal attention to detail so that more opportunities are found and taken advantage of to ensure higher quality marketing services are used when we take action towards providing marketing services to businesses.

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