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We Use Old-School Reliable Marketing Techniques Combined With Current Modern Day Marketing Techniques To Determine The Best Solution When Working With Businesses To Improve Their Marketing Efforts & Strategy! 

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We’re a very energetic and enthusiastic global creative media marketing agency

that do things differently because

we’re built differently.

We have tested numerous marketing methods through various creative media solutions. We have done email, fax, flyers, giveaways, sweepstakes, social media ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, website ads, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, coupons and many more methods to market businesses. We uncover everything we can to find the right marketing solution for ourselves and our clients! We have gone as far as doing case studies, tests, promotions, and more in the pursuits of developing marketing skills and techniques that other agencies are unaware of!

We use old-school methods that are suitable for marketing effectively.

We use modern methodology in regards to marketing for the digital world we live in now.

We combine our marketing skills, strategies and techniques into a powerful conversion machine so that the marketing produces results by reaching the targeted audience for the marketing being conducted.

Benefits of Our Services

Bullet Proof Planning

We plan marketing strategies based off the marketing needs for your business, the target audience or consumers for your business, and make the plan with a mixture of techniques and strategies that will be seen by your targeted customers/clients!

Actionable Application

We apply our strategies and techniques in a way that allow us to quickly take action and begin implementing the marketing plan in a way that allows us to work with businesses to get seen by target customers or clients effectively!

Customer/Client Conversion

We test, and refine the marketing efforts based on the data received through the marketing. This allows us to improve the marketing strategy and campaigns in a manner that creates higher conversion rates.

Connections That Matter

We strive to create positive and meaningful connections between businesses and their customers or clients because then the customer or client will be more likely to refer others or purchase from the business again!

Brand Influenced helped me to get many repeat clients when I hired them for marketing services for my business. I have now used Brand Influenced marketing services several times so that I can continue to grow my landscaping business and get more clients.

Bill Miller

I started an online store to sell the crafts that I make. Thanks to the marketing efforts of Brand Influenced I have been able to turn what started as a part-time passion into a full time business rather than a second job. I highly recommend Brand Influenced!

Jennifer Gillespie

My small painting and sign making business has grown into a medium sized painting business that tackles all different size projects thanks to the marketing services provided by Brand Influenced. Definitely would at least a free consultation to see if they could help you with marketing your business.

Dane Carpenter

Hi, I'm Jack Smith

I am the founder of Gaining Greatness, which has grown into a multi-niche business. Brand Influenced is part of the marketing department of the company. I do business consulting, marketing, and I also do health and fitness coaching. Gaining Greatness is my company built to help people in many aspects of business and life. In short I am persistent in my efforts to help others achieve their goals, while achieving goals of my own in the process. You can learn more about me and my pursuits to help others by going to

Jack Smith

Get Seen By Your Target Audience In A Way That Connects

Our reporting, communication, collaboration with your business, and our customer service sets Brand Influenced apart from many of our competitors because we truly care about building mutually beneficial relationships with our marketing services.

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